Hannamari Shakya is a professional working with documentary photography and film. She is the founding editor of Raw View magazine, the documentary photography triannual bookazine.

Hannamari’s solutions-focused professional with a comprehensive background in the field of documentary photography and film. Her interests are in social justice, human rights and socially engaged visual media.

She has been working different demanding leading positions for more than 15 years. In these positions she has been responsible for supervising different production teams. Diverse array of image-based documentary stories are close to her heart. She has been producing and making books, films and founded a documentary photography magazine called Raw View. The magazine started at 2007 as Photo Raw and was later renamed Raw View.

Hannamari has diverse skills as a director. This includes leading international teams, budget making and strategic work, editing, lecturing, mentoring, leading in-depth workshops for documentary photographers, curating and collaborations with different institutions.