The talk will begin with Sohrab Hura and Dragana Jurisic introducing their work and the photobooks they have produced. Their presentation will be followed by a conversation with Nishant Shukla, photographer and co-founder of the BIND Collective, about their individual journeys with publication – from conception and production to publishing and promotion.

Sohrab Hura is a nominee member of Magnum Photos. His book Life is Elsewhere is a book of “contradictions and doubts, of understandings, of laughter and forgetting, in which I am trying to constantly question myself by simply documenting the broken fragments of my life which might seem completely disconnected to one another.”.

In 2013, Dragana Jurisic won a major Bursary Award and completed her PhD research at the European Centre for Photographic Research. Jurisic’s YU: The Lost Country guides the viewer through a pilgrimage, unfolding before them a myriad of lives and emotions onto the map of where Yugoslavia once lay.

Nishant Shukla is a photographer currently based out of New Delhi. In 2009, he was selected to show is work at The Photographer’s Gallery, London for freshfacedandwildeyed. He currently is working on a long-term personal project titled “Seeking Moksha”. In 2015 he co-founded the BIND Collective.