Sadia Marium is an independent photographer based in Dhaka and her practice pollinates with the process of creating photographs, video, alternative printing methods, enactment of text and sound. Intrusion in photography intrigues her the most. In her past body of work, “Days Untitled”, she tried to investigate how personal and hidden memories can be presented in public domain. Ordinary characters, unremarkable spaces and objects are the protagonists of her works to trace collective emotions. To illustrate the violence of sensualisation, complexity of human body, perplexity of time, denseness; she exposes confrontation, imbalance in subtle, indecisive & sometimes in repetitive manner. Her photographs may appear as a fragment of a scene from a motion film, irrelevant, banal; conversely these are connected and offers a discontent feeling. She studied Professional Photography at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh and currently teaching “Darkroom practice” course at the same institute.