Uwe H. Martin is an independent visual storyteller, slow journalist, and educator, and a multimedia producer at the Bombay Flying Club. His long-term projects focus on the slow violence of environmental issues and their social implications. Together with his partner, Frauke Huber, Uwe has been documenting global agriculture for more than a decade. Their projects LandRush and White Gold build bridges from traditional journalistic publications, over linear web-documentaries and interactive apps, to spatial installations at art institutions. His work has been recognized with the German Reporter Award, the Greenpeace Award, the Grimme Online Award and the Development Media Award. Recognizing the urgent need for new ways to finance quality freelance journalism, Uwe cofounded Rif Reporter, a new collaborative ecosystem for independent science journalism.

Bombay Flying Club is a close collaboration between professional photographers who are all driven by their personal passion and common love for great storytelling. Individually we shoot and produce compelling and important visual narratives that often focus on social- , environmental- or humanitarian issues. Together we create bigger and more complex journalistic projects that often turn into multimedia experiences and innovative story universes.